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Photography, Marathon Running, Trekking, Fun, Internet, Music, Aviation, Globetrekker, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Adventure, Reading, Learning, Networking, Connecting, Motorbikes, Japanese, Scuba Diving, Sailing, Health, Marketing, Friends, Cooking, Creatives, Movies, Investments, Dreams, MSN, High customer orientation, Leadership.

Welcome and thanks for popping by. This online presence should serve as a main source of connection between you and me. Feel free to hit "contact me" at the top there and send me a message no matter where you are, just to say hi or anything. I'll return your mail usually within 24 hours, sometimes in minutes.

I will definitely maintain this URL so there'll never be a point where you can't find me (except when I'm out of range in some remote place of course !)
~ Profile ~  
  • Currently living, working and enjoying in Amritsar, Punjab, North India with a Singapore based MNC.
  • ex 5 mths living and working in Melbourne with a Singapore based MNC.
  • ex 4 years concurrently in Exhibition and Events sector as a Sales & Marketing Director and a retail based business in personalised printing.
  • Qualified Diver (NAUI), Power Boat Driver (Singapore), Motorbike (Class 2 Singapore) and Motor Vehicle Driver (Class 3 Singapore), Laser Sailing Competency Level 1 (Singapore)
  ~ Courses Attended ~  
  • “Chao1 Ji2 Cheng2 Gong1 Xue2“ (Literally "Super Success Psychology") by Steve Chan in ShenZhen, China (Nov 2004)
~ Testimonials ~  
  "I used to work with Neil in a business. He is one great guy, I never once saw him lose his temper. Even if he's not feeling so upbeat, he'll either smile or laugh it off and remain positive. I also see him as a responsible person who you can really take charge when given a task." - Andy Hun, www.MyFirstOnlineBiz.com  
  "Neil perceives a lifetime as too short to waste on unhappy or uneventful happenings hence he only look on the bright and positive side but never too long to make new friends, venture new places and learn new things." - Wee Lee (friend from SP Rovers, Singapore)  
  "Neil is a generator! He experiences success and willing to share with the
rest, this makes him a great man.
...Neil is a theme park! He is full of fun things to do, and he will happily
join you for your fun activities, this makes him a wonderful buddy.
......Neil is a world map! He travels many places in our global village, he can
share much knowledge to your next travel destination with you, this makes
him an amazing traveling partner.
.........Neil is a telephone exchange station! He is friendly and well networked with
many people, you will easily make new friends through him, and that
testifies his character, this makes him an interesting gentleman.
............He is a worthy person that I would recommend to anyone that I value in my
world." - Patrick Shiu (Teacher, Colleague at Officer Cadet School, Singapore)
  Neil is all that was mentioned in his growing pool of testimonials… and much more. His globetrotting lifestyle leaves much to be desired. If I were only allowed one word to describe him, Successful would be it. Above all he is a friend that I can see seeping ‘kopi’ with me at the local ‘kopitiam’ 30 years down the road. ;P - YHLeong (friend from SP Rovers, Singapore)  
  Neil’s come a fair way in life, being a natural born leader – a student leader, entrepreneur, to now posted to manage a station for a global organisation. You have positive qualities enabling you to live your life in the best way you can in each stage. Past experiences are memories, moments that step you up for the future. Look ahead and embrace the challenges set to come. You have a different life, enjoy it and find happiness. All the best in all your future endeavors – Eugenia Yuen (mate from Melbourne, Australia)
  Neil, a man who never stops learning. To him, life is about enjoying as well. So you can guess how much fun it can be with him! - Jamie Ng, Lifestyle Enterpreneur  
  A principled individual, a trustworthy friend, a wise senior you can always count on for help and advice. Neil’s knowledgeable, witty and chirpy. Always have a positive mindset and cheerful outlook. He lives his dreams, and motivates others around him. Neil, all the very best! – Yihui/Ruth (Junior from Singapore Polytechnic Rover Scouts)  
This a man who really lives out his dreams and ambitions. Man of dreams but most important action - Andy Ng (colleague from Basic Military Training Centre, Singapore)  
I see u as a good mentor to follow, probably this is what I want to be in future. Carry on to motivate us and be a leader, and not a superior behavior to us, I think we tend to listen to u more. U allow others to listen and see the whole picture easily. You accept critics and stay positive about it - Justin Koh (Character Development Officer, Cheers Connect International, Singapore)  
I feel your most important point is Trust…. Eg. When you say that you are going to complete the task… you will complete the task! - Fong H G (Friend from Singapore Polytechnic Rovers, Singapore)  
I feel that your most positive point is that are very patient and very willing to teach and help others, and also very postive about everything! You are also an excellent leader and achiever! - Kian Ann (my brother, kianann.com, Singapore)  
Sir, you are 1 good leader with a vision - Brian Lee (ex-Trainee at Basic Military Training Centre, Singapore)  
You have a great smile and is approachable - Ong Ai Lee (IT Trainer, Friend from Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore)  
U are very friendly, approachable, helpful. Warm & Chirpy. U are reliable !! - Oh H Q (Friend from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
You portray an image of optimism and encouraging toward everyday life ! - Wingsor Goh, (Best Trainee, Basic Military Training Centre, Singapore)  
Never fail to stand up after a fall - CPT Don Wee (Commando Officer, Colleague at Officer Cadet School, Singapore)
Sincere, humble, good listener, extra-power positive mental attitude (PMA), practical & not afraid of hard work. Someone that i can thoroughly trust at all times. Has plenty of self confidence and quick mind. Lastly, a loving, kind & thoughful leader. - Martin Tang (Director, Cheers Connect International, Singapore)  
You are dilligent, hardworking and always willing to be there to help out others - Effendy Cheah (friend from Singapore Polytechnic Rover Scout Unit, Singapore)  
You are really a Friendly & Helpful & Jovial person. U really brighten up the lives of those that are around you - Audrey Leong (Engineer, Defence Science Organisation, Friend from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)  
From what i saw you are very calm n of course sensible in thinking & carrying out tasks. In another words you are very 'zai' or steady. Do not panic & approach every problem wif confidence. - Meng Le (Colleague from Basic Military Training Centre, Singapore)  
Able to start things, to venture, into new territories - Not afraid - Norman Tsai (Trader, Friend from Singapore Polytechnic Rovers, Singapore)  
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